interesting shit

my favourite foods pizza, jalepenos, prawn risotto, apples, melon, grapes, chocolate, kale, peas, caulliflower, broccoli, chicken, turkey, salad, duck pancakes, walkers sensations (chilli and roast chicken and thyme), anchovies, olives, chilli con carne, peppercorn sauce, steak, tacos, cake, toasties, carrot, cucumber, tomato, mozzarella, cheddar, waffles, sausage, bacon, smoked sausage, (smoked) salmon, scrambled egg, parmasean, cold brew, iced latte, black coffee, water, diet coke, fresh orange, kronenbourg, vodka favourite flowers rhodadendrons, honeysuckle, peonies, baby's breath, fushcia, lillies, daisies, gardenia, gladioli, hydrangea, magnolia, cherry blossom, lilly of the incas, bluebells, sweetpeas, snowdrops
preemo cigarettes marlboro reds, marlboro lights, windsor blues
drugs i love VALIUM and ativan, smoking heroin, cocaine (esp crack) sativa weed, MDMA, opioids
drugs i hate fucking IV'ing heroin, ecstasy pills, ketamine, acid, 'designer drugs', spice/k2, mcat, antipsychotics, fucking LYRICA
best scents coco by chanel, si by armani, insolence by guerlain, petrol, dog food, sunny days, grandma's broth, my brother, sheets cleaned with method laundry detergent, the beaches of northumberland, cigarettes, cold kronenbourg, fresh orange juice, lindt chocolate, those scent discs in build a bear bears, molton brown peppercorn shower gel, clarins blue orchid facial oil, coconut, new carpet, sweat, blood, fenjal, good weed
best feelings waking up before noon, smoking a cigarette outside at night with nobody to bother me/in the bath/after sex/after an argument, beating my record for eating a 14" pizza, cuddling my brother, seeing my grandparents, coming up, getting a valium refill, cracking the volume up, dancing and walking around naked, getting in those big open walk in showers, the smell of sex, feeling my naked body against that of someone else, drunk sex, winning an argument, screaming at the top of my lungs, crying, drinking a cold brew latte, getting my wisdom teeth taken out (one by one on that sweet dentist valium, baby), hearing a song i haven't heard in years, nostalgia, freshly shaved coochie, sleeping naked, raving, having clean good quality towels, piercing, making someone cum, getting deliveries, going shopping and everything fits, being skinny, childhood memories, doing crazy shit in public and not caring because you're with your best friend, being high and trying to shop, driving ridicuously fast and powerful cars, road rage, being in the car with all your mates in the summer with the tunes blasting/passing round the 3l/passing a joint
worst fears vomiting, dying alone, public humiliation, big open spaces, terrorists, my grandparents dying, germs, sleeping
shitty feelings someone lying to me and i know they're lying, being lead on, people pitying me, realising you need the morning after pill, feeling someone get bored of me when the novelty of me wears off, being cast off like rubbish, people not realising how much i love them, scalding myself in the bath, walking into doors, my vape spitting at me multiple times a day, bad fitting bras, realising i've slept the entire day away, cutting off damaged hair that i know needs to go, walk of shame, accidently pulling out nose stud, showing someone something i like and knowing they don't enjoy it and awkwardly turning it off, being too drunk/high and being with people who i can't comfortably express that to/can't comfortably pass out near, flashbacks & trauma, panic attacks, withdrawals, feeling like my parents don't love me, constipation, realising if i'm going to get a handle on my life i can never drink again because it's all or nothing, realising socialising at my age involves drinking
careers geriatric nurse, nursing home worker
my personality exciting, livewire, angry, funny, spontanous, sexy, sardonic, sarcastic, cynical, lazy, loving
morals, values, views i hate political correctness. capped prison sentences for drug dealers or legalise/semi legalise all drugs, harm reduction, anti universal healthcare, reverse thatcher's closing of all the psychiatric wards, hate war-love veterans, stop intervening in the middle east, tighter immigration laws, longer sentences for rape and paedophillia, abusers always reoffend and cannot be rehabilitated, lower car insurance quotes (who the fuck says i can't handle a turbo), ban automatic transmission (pussies!), turn over the knee jerk reaction gun control laws after hungerford and dunblane, ban police chases, abolish tv licenses, abolish knife bans, interfering with other people's free will to make fucked decisions is not compatible with christianity (don't like abortion, don't have one or facilitate them), break up the soviet europe, ban the bomb, stop skewing employment figures with zero hours contacts and work schemes, no return or mercy for ISIS fighters, fuck jeremy corbyn, if black people can be proud of their heritage, white europeans can too, pro monarchy, lower taxes, fuck sin taxes, cigarette prices are TOO DAMN HIGH, replace EU free movement with commonwealth free movement, liberal hypocracy is getting out of control, there are two genders, LGB and T should separate as they want different things and do more harm to each other than good, stop curbing free speech in universities, stop double standards with white people and christians (i.e we can critise christians and white people, but replace all that with 'black' or 'jew' or 'muslim' and it's suddenly fucked and racist), islam is not a race, nobody is under any obligation to love their parents, psych meds do more harm than good, legalise brothels so prositutes have a safe place to work and moving sex trafficking brothels stop thriving, gentrification can get fucked, modern art and buildings are ugly, maintain pre 1950 buildings properly, more transparency in government, FREE ASSANGE, bring back ugly people making good music, stop laughing at technical education while lauding useless degrees, build more council houses, stop building brand new houses like cost cutting SHIT, new age non denom preachers who drip head to toe in designer clothes and bend god's word to their choices